Top 5 Products

In the past couple of weeks people have been asking me , "What are your top favorite products? The ones you can't live without!" Well, after long processed thinking I've narrowed down my top 5 products that I cannot live without.

1. Foundation... NARS NARS NARS!!! Definitely my personal favorite. It lasts the whole 24 hours and is full coverage. When you put it on it doesn't even feel like you have anything on, it's so light weight. 1 PUMP GOES A LONG WAY!

2. Contour Palette... KAT VON D!!! So creamy and smooth. It has the best pigment out of all of the palettes I've used in the past.

3. Eye Shadow... MORPHE 35O2!!! I have a lot of different eye palettes, but I don't think that I can live without this gorgeous palette. It is definitely a must have if you have not purchased it yet. It is my go-to and there are so many different looks you can achieve with it.

4. Mascara... LANCOME GRANDOISE!!! If you want a mascara that will rock your socks off and you aren't afraid of spending a little extra money, this is the way to go! The brush itself was created to lengthen, thicken, and curl your lashes while using. It is waterproof and is definitely a product that I cannot live without.

5. Lipstick... TARTE TBT LIP PAINT!!! Looks like it's going to have a brown tent, but when on it is a beautiful deep rosie pink. Definitely a must have!!!