3 Skin Care Tips

Hey! A lot of you guys have been asking me my daily skin care routine. Honestly I never stick to a "daily routine". It's more about what your skin needs that day. For me one day my skin will be dry, the next day oily... So with that said I will share a few tips and tricks on how to make your skin breathe and feel AMAZING!

1. Always prime your face before using other products such as foundation, concealer, etc. Doing this it sets your skin and fills in all of the pores, letting your skin breathe.

2. If your skin is super oily I recommend using a matte-lock primer. Doing this it will moisturize your skin, but still make the foundation you put on top of it stay in place and look matte instead of wet and runny. THIS IS A MUST DO IF YOUR T-ZONE GETS OILY!

3. If your skin is dry I recommend using a cream to take your makeup off. My favorite is the Merle Norman Cleansing Cream. I recommend to use it before bed. It gets deep into your pores leaving a smooth layer of moisturizer it sit over night. When you wake up your skin is glowing!