"I believe that all women are pretty without makeup-and can be pretty powerful with the right makeup", Bobbi Brown. Makeup has become such an important part of society today. I don't think the main goal is to shame girls on the way they should look according to society, but instead to make each girl feel special and uniquely beautiful in their own skin. When I first started doing makeup I was about 13, I wasn't the best but I progressively began to improve. I think I fell in love with the idea of makeup around the age 15. Middle school is probably one of the hardest ages for girls to go through in my opinion. Middle school for me was ugly braces, red splotchy spots on my face, and a big frizzy hair mess. Through makeup I embrace my best features and  things that made me insecure and it made the 13-year-old-me feel beautiful and better about my appearance. So to me, wearing a full face of makeup can actually be an act of body positivity.

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